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Jil Sander, Barbara Casasola, Calvin Klein

You might not work in an art gallery, but you dress like you do. You have a strong sense of personal style, and you will be wearing minimalism long after Kim Kardashian has tired of it. You are happy to spend money on luxury because you know you'll be wearing the same pieces forever. You are going to be a truly well-dressed senior citizen (and yes, you are the kind of person who is planning for that now).

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Photo: Daniele Oberrauch/Imaxtree
Protagonist Spring 2016
Lyn Devon Spring 2016
Banana Republic Spring 2016 Photo: Courtesy of Banana Republic
Brock Spring 2016 Photo: Courtesy of Brock
Jil Sander Spring 2016 IMAXTREE
Acne Spring 2016 Photo: Imaxtree/Imaxtree