Fall Outerwear Takes a Trip to the Bathhouse


Looking at the photos in today's installment of Out of the Box, you'd never know that the initial concept was as simple as "Let's shoot some coats." Photographer YoungJun Koo and stylist Turner didn't hit on their Korean-bathhouse-rave theme until they were relatively far along in the process. "The concept came to us randomly as we started to pick out the final outfits," says Koo, who also shoots the Cut's fashion month street style. "New York is filled with interesting places and we wanted to utilize these settings for the shoot."

If outerwear doesn't seem like an obvious fit for the steam room, that's part of the point. Koo and Turner were trying to play with surprising combinations of imagery. "We used a Korean spa for the shoot and brought in top talent and some beautiful clothes," says Koo. "We wanted to juxtapose these things and make the gathering of different cultures visually obvious." Click through the slideshow to see the resulting pictures.

Location: King Spa Fitness. Hair: Ayae Yamamoto. Makeup: Kuma.