Karl Lagerfeld Is an Honorary Scream Queen


There may be a serial killer (or two) dismembering people on their college campus, but on last night's episode of Scream Queens, the Kappas took a break from the blood and gore to focus on the important stuff of life: Chanel.

When Chanel No. 1 caught pledge Hester taking a tour of her sacred closet, she had two options: kill her, or use the transgression as a teachable moment. It really could have gone either way on this show, but Chanel (who is so close to Karl Lagerfeld she owns one of Choupette's in vitro kittens), chose instead to educate her pledge on the importance of couture. Then, in perfect bitch-cadence, she did the only thing a girl on a Sohorrority show can do when murdering someone isn't an immediate option — she gave Hester a makeover.

Photo: Fox