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New York Fashion Week:
Monday, Sept. 14, 2015
The Love List
Insiders on their favorite things from the last 24 hours of Fashion Week

Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator, the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

LOVED the Thom Browne show!

Insane Japanese schoolgirls in incredibly beautiful coats, jackets, skirts. The cherry blossom Chesterfield coat was my favorite!

Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director, W Magazine

To all who complain that beauty looks are cyclical, I've got five words for you: Jimmy Paul for Thom Browne.

Isaac Mizrahi, Designer

This is one of those seasons when fashion changes a lot all at once — a new ballgame on a new field. And the difference between youth and matron is all in the accessories.

Cameron Silver, Fashion Director, H by Halston, and Founder, Decades

The Rosario Dawson collab collection blew me away.

There’s a kimono that I would love to see some bohemian with a conscience wear somewhere fabulous.

Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director, W Magazine

I'm a sucker for white and all its many cousins — ecru, cream, whatever. I've fallen in love with this trifecta from Zero + Maria Cornejo, Ryan Roche, and Zac Posen.

Aidy Bryant, Cast Member, Saturday Night Live

I can't stop looking at Rachel Antonoff's collection. Has anyone ever had this much fun?

I'm riding so high from this fruit print I don't know what to do with myself.

André Leon Talley, Contributing Editor, Vogue

Carolina Herrera's brilliantly refined show at the Frick Museum. Fifty shades of pink!

Think pink as in Funny Face! Front row: Lee Daniels in Gucci slides, Penélope Cruz next to Anna Wintour. A very Cole Porter fashion morning.

Amy Larocca, Fashion Director, New York Magazine

I loved that Phillip Lim included Wen, his incredible business partner, in his bow.

She has been there every step of the way, and it was really touching to see her acknowledged.

Diana Tsui, Senior Market Editor, the Cut

I know everyone is going to say Thom Browne, but it was such a great show.

I loved how he interpreted geishas in a way that didn’t feel like cultural appropriation — which is always such a concern. The students had blazers that had Japanese-inspired imagery, but the hair and styling were so weird that it felt like this new cross-cultural mishmash.

It’s easy for people inside the industry to get jaded about Fashion Week, and it’s just as easy for those outside the industry to find this attitude baffling. A full week dedicated to looking at beautiful clothes? What’s not to love?

In the spirit of positivity, the Cut has been asking insiders — designers, editors, celebrities — about their favorite Fashion Week moment from the past 24 hours. Maybe it’s a runway look, maybe it’s a model, maybe it’s a funny thing that happened in the cab on the way to the show. Above, we present the the latest installment of the Love List: an interactive photo wall of the past day’s highlights. Hover over a photo to find out who loved each particular moment, and why.

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