The 50 Most Memorable Bangs Ever


Nothing can provoke a spirited discussion quite like announcing, “I’m thinking about getting bangs.” That’s because the five minutes of snipping required to create a facial fringe can change your entire look, for better or worse. The name even sounds dramatic: BOOM, I got BANGS!

Bangs can disrupt a presidential inauguration (Michelle Obama), help you get an Oscar nod (Rooney Mara), or cause the internet to focus on nothing but your head for one entire day (Beyoncé). Bangs are also cheaper than Botox if you’re into a more natural anti-aging strategy. It’s not a decision that should ever be made lightly, though. If you or your hairstylist make even a millimeter misstep, you’re stuck with weeks of fighting with bobby pins during the painful growing-out phase. So make an educated decision before you embark on the bang.

To prove how monumental this little facial valance can be, the Cut found the 50 most memorable bangs ever for your consideration.