Female-Centric Movies Make a Ton of Money

Who you gonna call? (Women.) Photo: Hopper Stone/Sony Pictures

Hey, here's something you might like to know if you're a movie-watching woman who likes to see movies you can relate to: It turns out that movies with female-centric casts/story lines have started to make more money than those with men. Mic looked at 133 of the top 25 grossing films released between 2006 and 2015 and totaled all their box-office results. They then compared the results between films with female-centric casts and male-centric casts.

The report excludes some films, of course. Logically, Mic left out "co-ed ensemble films (Les Miserables), films that feature men and women roughly equally in their narrative (Fifty Shades of Grey), animated films and movies about events (2012) or non-human objects (the Transformers series)." But the results were clear: In ten years of filmmaking, films with male leads grossed an average of $80.6 million, while top-grossing films within the same time frame starring female leads grossed an average of $126.1 million. Films about women made almost $45.5 million more at the box office than films about men. Now if only Hollywood were listening.