Here’s What You Look Like Using Snapchat Filters

Looking good!
Looking good! Photo-Illustration: photo via IAN HOOTON//Corbis

An unarguably rewarding part of living in the 21st century is the ability to connect to friends in new and evermore exciting ways. Texting and calling has expanded to Instagram DMing and Snapchatting, and selfies — god bless them — abound. But have you ever stopped to wonder what, exactly, your face looks like when you’re trying to create new face-content for your circle of followers and friends? The end result might be finessed, beautiful, filtered, and fun, but the road to that lasting image is a long and humiliating one. Want to know what you look like messing around with Snapchat’s many entertaining and occasionally terrifying filters? The Cut’s market editor Diana Tsui tested it out so you can see the hard truth for yourself.