James Franco Caught Necking Emma Watson

True love.
True love. Photo: instagram.com/jamesfrancotv

James Franco (remember him?) is still big on Instagram and has informed the world that Emma Watson has his heart by tattooing her face on his neck. Gnarly, James! What a commitment.

Don’t worry, though; his affection for Watson is hardly permanent, despite how it may seem. In a post that he shared to his account today, the actor proclaimed: “I ❤️ Hermoine” (misspelling all his), and somehow, by ruining his perfect body, he’s become a little bit hotter. The doctored image comes from Cheyenne Randall, who regularly Photoshops celebs with tattoos just for kicks. The young actress has not yet responded, but traditionally, the expectation is that she now must get ink herself.

Is this what Watson meant by He for She?