John Galliano Doesn’t Do Instagram Eyebrows

Models at Galliano. Photo: Rick Hawks/Agent Mel

Models' eyebrows have taken a slight browbeating this fashion month — or maybe it's the opposite, since they've barely been “beat,” as they say in beauty parlance, at all. Compared to previous seasons where the eyebrows at almost every show were big and bold, spring 2016 has been all about the laid-back brow.

But backstage at Galliano, makeup artist Hannah Murray created a look whose main focal points were big, boyish, handsome brows. “It’s unkempt, un-feminized, and aggressive, but with an elegance to the rawness," she explained. The elegance comes from slightly extending the tail end of the brow and straightening the arch.

As her first assistant Dominique said, “It’s not an Instagram brow. Instagram takes it to the extreme, and we strip it right back down.” It’s not a sperm eyebrow either. Watch the GIF below to appreciate how elegant a non-Instagram brow can be.