The 30 Best Looks by Raf Simons at Dior


With news of Raf Simons’s departure from Dior, let’s take a look back at his three-and-a-half-year tenure at the design house. While it may sound like a short period of time, he worked on an astounding 20 collections. His first collection debuted during haute couture fall 2012 and set a new signature aesthetic for the brand: sharp tailoring, creative color combinations, and skirts or very short dresses worn over pants. Simons was also instrumental in making the single statement earring a trend, in addition to convincing us that everyone needs a sparkly turtleneck for layering. And let’s not forget all of the shoes: He created a couture sneaker, revived the surreal comma heel, and designed a patent sock-bootie that quickly trickled down to the masses.

Click ahead to relive all of the most memorable looks from Raf Simons’s time at Dior.