The 20 Best Things to Buy From Balmain x H&M


When Olivier Rousteing announced Balmain's collab with H&M at the Billboard Music Awards, he brought along Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn for the ride. Just to crank up the hype a little more, he followed up with an ad that included Gigi Hadid. Then some intrepid woman managed to accidentally access images of the collection, stirring up even more frenzy. And now the official H&M-sanctioned photos are finally out.

As expected from the prior leaked pics, the collection is basically every greatest hit from the last three years. Looking for a crazy beaded piece from fall 2012? Maybe you're seeking a more affordable version of the sandals from fall 2014? Or were you just obsessed with everything from fall 2013? You'll find all of that and more when the collection hits stores November 5. To fully prepare for the inevitable battle with all of the hard-core Jenner/Kardashian fans who are sure to pillage the collection, click ahead to familiarize yourself with the top picks from the line. If you still come away empty handed, well, there's always the eBay markup.