Can We Get a ‘Woman Leaning In’ Emoji?


On last night’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Jane Fonda revealed that she’s feeling younger than ever and, as a young-at-heart, loves to use emoji.

One problem: There isn’t enough feminist iconography for Fonda, a feminist icon. So, in honor of his guest, Colbert designed a few suggestions for Fonda’s approval, including “A Woman Leaning In,” “70 Cents on the Dollar,” “A Burning Bra,” and “Miley Cyrus” — all of which we think the Unicode Consortium should consider adding to the emoji language in time for the next upgrade in summer 2016.

To the Unicode Consortium’s credit, Colbert pointed out that some preexisting emoji could already be considered feminist; for example, the woman wearing a crown. “A Queen,” replied Fonda “I’d rather she’d be president.”