Cell Phone May Be Involved in Cryotherapy Death

Photo: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images

Though Las Vegas police closed the case surrounding Chelsea Ake-Salvacion’s death this Wednesday, citing that the 24-year-old froze to death in a cryotheraphy machine purely by accident, questions still loom. Speaking to the New York TimesRichard Harris, a lawyer representing Chelsea’s family, posits that Chelsea might have lost consciousness after dropping her cell phone in the cryotheraphy chamber after the spa she managed closed. In an attempt to retrieve the phone, Chelsea could have become trapped in a space within the chamber containing too much nitrogen, causing her to pass out in the -240 degrees Fahrenheit water and eventually freeze to death. A cell phone found near the chamber supports this theory. Several weeks remain until additional test results roll in and the county’s coroner can issue an exact cause of death, should the coroner be able to determine an exact cause at all.