Glenn O’Brien to Head Up the New New Maxim

Glenn O'Brien Photo: Chance Yeh/WireImage

The death knell of Lucky isn't the only media news reverberating today. After Maxim announced that Kate Lanphear would be leaving her editor-in-chief post, the magazine seems to have already found a new guy. (A Style Guy, to be more precise.) Glenn O'Brien is the new editor-at-large of the title, according to WWD. But it sounds like his job duties will be the same as Lanphear's, just under a different name. "I can’t take that kind of pressure," he told the paper of the EIC designation.

O'Brien has already begun (he started yesterday) to little fanfare. That low-key attitude marks a contrast to when he and GQ, where O'Brien had his longtime Style Guy column, un-amicably parted ways earlier this year. Perhaps alluding to that, he told the paper, “Men’s magazines are more juvenile now ... I see a gap in the men’s market.” While we all wait to see what O'Brien does with Maxim, here's one prediction we feel pretty confident making: We won't be seeing any reality stars on the cover.