Hugo Boss’s New Video Is a Love Letter to L.A.


Today's Los Angeles may look nothing like the past, but to Hugo Boss, that's hardly a bad thing. Sincerely, LA is its love letter to the city in video form, including beautiful imagery of sunsets, palm trees, and even traffic. Plus, there's a glimpse inside the home of Francesco Carrozzini, the photographer behind artful shoots of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj (he also happens to be Franca Sozzani's son). He shares his thoughts on the city's creativity, as does hotelier Jason Pomeranc, who's firm in his belief that "this is the moment where we need to kind of realize the beauty of this city. And the fact that it is deconstructed, and there is no urban center, per se, is where the beauty stems from." Hear and see more in the three-minute video above, shot by creative director Ivan Olita.