Jennifer Lawrence Pees in a Bidet to Prove She’s Hygienic


Beloved actress Jennifer Lawrence wants to finally put that one pesky rumor to rest: Yes, she washes her hands after using the bathroom, you weirdos! She just said she didn't to freak out her Hunger Games co-stars, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, Lawrence revealed today on Facebook. And as definitive proof that her bathroom hygiene is impeccable, she peed in a bidet.

From Jen!

I hate talking to the Internet but I can't get asked another question about my hygiene on this press tour. I told MTV I didn't wash my hands after going to the bathroom because I was trying to gross out Josh and Liam and I ended up grossing out the world. Of course I wash my hands after going to the bathroom! (I can't believe I've put myself in a situation where I even have to say that.) Anyway with all the rumors I've ever heard about myself this is the one I really had to put to rest. -Jen

Posted by Jennifer Lawrence on Monday, November 9, 2015

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