Kate Moss Dies at the End of the Ab Fab Movie

Kate Moss.

Anyone who glimpsed Kate Moss emerging from the Thames with a cigarette in her mouth Thursday should rest assured that it was all for the sake of her role in the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous movie. According to The Telegraph, the supermodel filmed a scene with Jean Paul Gaultier (who was, for some unknown but surely hilarious reason, holding a metal detector), the singer Lulu, and Bubble, Edina's ditzy assistant (played by Jane Horrocks). Evidently, Moss's character undergoes a watery death, since stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley have been spotted filming a sequence where they visit a riverside "death shrine" to the supermodel — though not before popping by Vivienne Westwood to pick up some of the latest fashions.

Moss is a woman of few public words, but she has previously mocked her persona on Ab Fab and even smilingly endured an age joke on the show's "Sport Relief Special" three years ago. The film, which comes out next year, will also feature cameos from Kim Kardashian and Emma Bunton.