Selena Gomez Can Commune With the Spirit World

Selena Gomez sees dead people. Sort of.

A little boy once told Bruce Willis, "I see dead people," and we thought he was very special, because how many of us can see or talk to visitors from the supernatural world? Very few.

But no: Sorry, Haley Joel, you're not that unique or rare. As evidenced by an interview in Vogue, anyone, even Selena Gomez, can be an honorary Ghostbuster. All you need is a smartphone: 

“There are so many ghosts in here,” Selena Gomez declares in the service elevator of Manhattan’s McKittrick Hotel. “This is insane.” Her evidence: An iPhone app called Ghost Hunter M2 (advertised as “the #1 Paranormal Investigation Toolkit”) is, at the moment, reading off the charts.

She did not reveal who or what spirit was attempting to commune with her in that elevator, but recent press happenings might suggest she's permanently being haunted by the memory of her relationship with Justin Bieber.