The 10 Most Important Hoverboard Moments of 2015

Hoverin’ Photo: Corbis

Hoverboards, Swagways, the most convincing reason to friend-zone someone: Whatever you call them, motorized balance scooters had quite the year in 2015. They were embraced by celebrities and shunned by police; they went viral and blew up … literally. Here are the ten most important hoverboard moments of 2015.

1. Men dancing on hoverboards became the viral-video sensation we didn’t know we wanted.

2. Wiz Khalifa was arrested for refusing to get off a hoverboard.

3. A hoverboard exploded in a Washington, D.C., mall.

4. Lily Allen showed us true talent is eating cereal on a hoverboard.

This Swegway was made for ‘gliding around whilst I eat cereal’ and that’s just what I’ll do.

Posted by Lily Allen on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

5. The Cut readers weighed in and definitively decided that no, they would not bang a dude on a hoverboard.

6. The NYPD decreed that hoverboards are “illegal to ride in public.”

7. A hoverboard caught fire and burned down a family’s home.

8. A man stole a case of energy drinks from a bodega while riding a hoverboard.

9. Jason DeRulo performed at the MTV Awards on a hoverboard.

10. People took it upon themselves to remind us all that no, they’re not actually hoverboards.