The Best Looks From The Wiz


Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, and Lena Horne left big, sparkly shoes to fill, but the cast of NBC’s The Wiz did not disappoint Thursday night. It was a show, but it was also a celebration. The songs were fun, moving, and, at times, a combination of both. Twitter was ablaze with GIFs, memes, and priceless commentary that added to the general merriment of the night, and if you were perusing the hashtags #TheWiz and #TheWizLive, I promise, you could not keep yourself from laughing.

Aside from the banter online, the costumes were magnificent and the hair and makeup were gems. Queen Latifah grabbed onto a green contour kit and wouldn’t let go, while Ne-Yo stepped fresh onto the scene with a studded-jacket number. It was hard to look away from Common and his emerald head-to-toe look, and Dorothy’s twist-outs seamlessly withstood the test of time, adversary, and magical transportation. For that and more of the best looks from The Wiz, click on the slideshow below.