Celebrities-on-Vacation Season Has Begun

Are you jealous yet? Photo: Pichichi / Splash News

Like clockwork every December, the celebrities begin to migrate south. Whether remaining Stateside in luxurious locales like Miami Beach or hopping the pond to enjoy island life in Turks and Caicos, celebrities get to continue their lives of unending vacation while the rest of us brace ourselves for terrifying weather patterns, forced family time, and a prompt return to work on (or even before) January 4.

Do the celebrities care that we are chained to our desks in the soon-to-be-snowy northeast as they frolic happily in bathing suits that reveal their fit forms? No. Do they look lightyears happier than us when they mount those useless paddleboards and lob themselves out to sea? Yes. Can we really blame them for finding and embracing the keys to success? Hardly.

As the old saying goes: If you can’t beat ‘em, you may as well gawk at them while you toil.