Inspiring Woman Eats 100 Slices of Bread

You, me, and everyone we know. Photo: Youtube

The weekend was not that long ago but it already seems like a distant memory. Where were you at the stroke of 3 a.m. on Saturday night? Tucked into bed with your loving partner, ready to rouse yourself at dawn and begin a Sunday full of sun salutations and green juices? Don't lie.

Kinoshita Yuka, a competitive eater in Japan, paints a more honest picture. In a video uploaded on Saturday, Yuka sits on the floor of her living room while she spreads 100 pieces of bread onto her coffee table. Then, adding mayonnaise, honey, jam, and butter to each one, she proceeds to happily consume all 100 slices, never faltering and never losing steam. Now that looks more familiar: the Saturday night carboload.

Squad goals.