Oh, Look, It’s My Personal Version of Hell

Oh no. Photo: nbcwashington.com

Some people loudly hate Christmas songs. Some start listening to them in August. Others would like everyone to keep their holiday spirits to themselves in the hopes that we can quietly and peacefully enjoy the one time of the year when peppermint bark is abundant. And yet: the world is not a perfect place, so some combination of these three tastes came together on a MetroNorth train to New Haven on Friday night, when the Yale Glee Club decided to bogart the ride for a little Christmas caroling.

Bob McDonough, the train's conductor (shouldn't he be conducting the train????), convinced the Yale Glee Club that he was fit for the choral conducting job as the group belted out "Carol of the Bells." While it looks like there are no non-glee-club members in the car, a real Christmas Grinch can smell viral carol videos from a mile away. All I can see is fire and brimstone.