Our Design Editor’s Holiday Wish List

A trip to the outer Hebrides in Scotland.

I’m fully committed to the idea that giving is better than receiving. And this really is the time of year to give generously to the causes you hold most dear. But … if I were to indulge myself, here are some things that I fantasize about getting. (And for more, visit Hintd.com.) Some of which I might just give myself this year. I’ll be the one in the red cashmere gloves waving to you from the front row at the ballet.

A vintage French sunburst mirror in the style of Line Vautrin.
Tickets to the New York City Ballet. "I worship everything Justin Peck choreographs."
Astier de Villatte Simple dinnerware is handmade on the Rue St. Honoré in Paris.
Hummingbird Ivory Rug by Alexander McQueen.
Cashmere ribbed gloves from C by Bloomingdale's.

To purchase any of these, and to see the rest of my wish list, head to Hintd.com.