Enough With the Snowmen Panda

Can you see him? Just kidding. DON'T TELL ME.
Can you see him? Just kidding. DON’T TELL ME. Photo: courtesy of TheDudolf

“Do you see the panda?” the internet asks, holding your skull in place with its icy e-fingers. “Do you—” it asks, louder now, as your eyelids hang raw, burning, and heavy with panda, “see the panda?” You open your mouth to speak but are interrupted when a third time the internet asks: “Do you see the panda?” Immediately a fourth, “Do you see the panda?” A fifth, and this time it’s Four Christmases star Reese Witherspoon doing the asking: “Do you see the panda?” Ahh — uh — hold on — just one second here — uhh — maybe — hmm — one moment — uh — YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The panda in question appears in a little Christmas cartoon from Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas, surrounded by snowmen. It might take you a moment to find him, because the snowmen look somewhat similar, but then — ah, yes. There he is. The panda.

This image has been shared over 100,000 times on Facebook. Us Magazine published an article on Tuesday with the headline “Panda Hidden Among Snowmen Has the Internet Stumped, Enthralled.” Hoda looked for the panda on Today today, apparently. A lot of people are tweeting about it, and this one guy, Mark Fidelman, whoever that is, says, “There’s a Panda amongst all the snowmen can you find it in under 30 seconds? Bet you can’t.”

Why do you bet I can’t, Mark Fidelman, whoever you are? I’ll tell you what, Mark: I can. Real fast.

It’s right there.

Don’t believe me? I’ll tell you where it is, then — lower middle right. You should not have egged me on if you didn’t want that spoiler.

At least “the dress” looked like two different colors. This is just a drawing of snowmen and then one panda.

Come on.

There's a panda amongst them!Can you find it?

Posted by Dudolf on Wednesday, December 16, 2015