Ruffles and Sequins, Minus the Frills


Some of resort's more exciting looks subverted the concept of femininity. Ruffles, typically frilly and soft, appeared in bold tiger stripes or sleek tiers of black leather. Sparkling sequins were paired with track pants, or appeared in the form of a masculine Breton-style shirt dress. Photographer Daniel Thomas Smith wanted to capture the season's juxtaposition of hard and soft, so he brought on model Rita Saunders, one of a new crop of alt models with shorn hair. "Rita, and the clothes acted like mirrors, reflecting the toughness in the pretty, the grunge in the sleek. This served to heighten what is special about them both, and made their differences even more beautiful," he explained.

From Prada's glistening paillettes, to Proenza Schouler and Céline's edgier ruffles, to Marc Jacobs' glittering plastic details, resort's best collections skew maximal, with a sharp palette of red, black, and white. Click through our slideshow to see some of the season's most graphic looks.

Photographer: Daniel Thomas Smith; Stylist: Rebecca Ramsey; Makeup Artist: Allie Smith; Hairstylist: Jerome Cultrera; Photo Editor: Emily Shornick; Model: Rita Saunders.