Watch This Blizzard Walk of Shame


On Saturday afternoon, Twitter user Chandlar Fowler was fortunate enough to capture a truly unbelievable sight. As Blizzard Jonas swirls insistently around her, a woman is making her way slowly but deliberately down the snow-covered road. In her right hand she’s carrying a black jacket and a bucket bag, and in her left she’s toting a pair of black high heels. She’s barefoot, and wearing only a white T-shirt.

I just want to pause for a moment and seriously ponder the conditions that would have inspired this mystery woman to attempt to make her way home, pantsless, IN A BLIZZARD. Did her hookup not have central heating? Was he or she unladen with snacks? Were her frantic friends wondering where she was? Considering the fact that at least 18 people have died as a direct result of this storm, I’m not a little concerned for the livelihood of Walk of Shame Blizzard Girl.

A bit of light investigative reporting based on the names of the businesses featured in Fowler’s video tells me that the footage was filmed in Fairfield, Connecticut. Mysterious hookup warrior, identify yourself!