Man Drags Shark Out of Ocean for Tinder Picture, Presumably

A stock-photo re-creation of the event.
A stock-photo re-creation of the event.Photo: Hector Guerrero

He dons a man-bun. He drags a shark out of the ocean so he can score a dope pic. He is … the most obnoxious man in the world.

That’s right, a mere week after a rare baby dolphin was selfied to death, humans are at it again! This time it’s a bro and a shark, and while the bro in question undoubtedly got a good pic for all of his social-media outlets, torturing a shark just to make good content is a dick move. At least the shark survived.

Although the original Facebook post of the video has been taken down, the Washington Post reports that it received comments like “I wish the Sharks would have biten that stupid man” and “What the guy did was a bit of outdoor cowboy activity, your typical testosterone gone wrong.”

Testosterone gone wrong seems like the root of most of the world’s problems, doesn’t it?