Relive Your Misspent Youth With Chanel


Over the weekend, Chanel Beauty hosted a backstage Hollywood lounge at Bar Marmont at the legendary Chateau Marmont. Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t in attendance, but instead, a generation of actors whose first DiCaprio movie was probably Titanic: The “young Hollywood” crowd included Kiernan Shipka, Phoebe Tonkin, Jaden Smith, Nicola Anne Peltz, and Ashley Benson. They tried out the newly reformulated Chanel Le Vernis, posed endlessly for the photo booth, tried out the new Rouge Coco Stylos, and then got Chanel tattoos — of the temporary kind (because they’re young, after all, despite being in Hollywood). Test your teen knowledge by seeing how many actors you can identify in the video above, then think back to your own youth, when Wet ‘n’ Wild was considered a splurge.