These Pretty, Fancy Sneakers Are Made for Spring

Photo: Calvin Klein

What happens when you’re a minimalist stuck in a maximalist’s world? You could ignore the trend and happily stick with your strict, clean wardrobe. But if there’s a tiny part that’s nagging at you to just give in to the color and pattern, then take comfort that even Calvin Klein feels your pull toward all things more, more, MORE. The company just came out with a very fancy, pretty sneaker with just a hint of a platform and covered in a vivid peony print — especially appropriate since spring is a mere 18 days away. While it’d be a fun way to contrast a simple white midi skirt, you could also go all-in by wearing it with a clashing floral dress. So if you’re itching to splurge on a special sneaker, consider this inspiration for your next purchase.

Calvin Klein peonia printed calf platform sneaker, $895 at Calvin Klein.