Kate Hudson Loves Fake Junk Food

Kate Hudson's junk food is not like yours.
Kate Hudson's junk food is not like yours. Photo: Donato Sardella/Getty Images

In an interview with elle.com about her activewear performance-art line Fabletics, Kate Hudson was asked what she would eat on a day of perfect leisure, a day of absolute sloth, her literal Netflix-and-chill day. Was it a Black Tap milkshake with three Levain Bakery cookies hanging off the side? A “Brick o Cheese,” as favored by Zac Efron? Or perhaps an entire pan of lasagna, party of one? Hudson replied:

Sugarfish sushi, which would turn into Tates gluten free chocolate chip cookies, which would then be accompanied by a so-delicious ice cream bar with a chocolate and dairy-free coconut ice cream. But my favorite, favorite, favorite would be frozen yogurt. I usually like a coconut fro-yo with some kind of chocolate situation and anything with cinnamon, or graham cracker-y, or oatmeal cookie type vibe. And that would be my favorite couch watching TV day.

All delicious foods, if you take the word free out of that entire section. Her cheat day is your normal Friday-night dinner when you want to be “healthy.” Well, to each their own food nightmare dressed as a daydream.