Even Jodie Foster Thinks She’s a Failure Sometimes

Jodie Foster.
Jodie Foster.Photo: Kena Betancur

It may not seem that Jodie Foster — Yale graduate, two-time Academy Award winner, director, actress, and producer — shares much in common with the average person, but at least this much is true: She has felt like a failure for much of her life, too. That’s … sort of reassuring?

In an interview with the New York Times about directing her upcoming film Money Monster, Foster said she is really interested in the idea of failure: “people in spiritual crisis, in a moment in life of total self-hatred.” (Check, check.) But it’s not just her characters who are dosed with self-doubt. Foster, too, frequently thinks of herself as a failure.

“Oh my God, yeah,” she told the Times. “If Mother Teresa is propelled to do good works because she believes in God, I am propelled to do good works because of how bad I feel about myself. It’s the first place I go. ‘Oh, what did I do wrong?’”