GQ Wonders If Men Look Ridiculous Now

A custom Woody Harrelson pajama look. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain

Today, GQ’s Style Guy, Mark Anthony Green, wondered: Do men look ridiculous now? The answer, he discovers, is a resounding yes, about which he writes, “And now, today, we’re wearing skinny denim and even skinnier sweatpants. Collarbones are the new chest hair. Bieber and Nick Jonas and Kanye are our drapey style heroes. Ties are as impossible to find as CD-ROM drives. Everything is distressed, frayed, destroyed — we’ve replaced Savile Row with Skid Row.”

Green says it’s not all bad: After all, we’re in an era in which men feel more comfortable dressing flamboyantly and experimentally, which is a sign of greater comfort with flexible and redefined masculinity. As long as we’ve accepted that when we look at men’s style 30 years from now, we’ll be laughing, then it’s fine. “But I’d argue that being laughed at by our grandkids is a good thing,” Green writes. “Innovation and cultural creativity are directly reflected in the way men and women dress.”

But we say, why wait until our grandkids are old enough to laugh? Let’s have a giggle or two now.