Mitski Shows How We Feel About Festival Girls


Sure, it’s easy to rag on the Instagram model-types who will flood our feeds in the coming days from Coachella, but in Mitski’s new video she makes a brave confession. We all wonder what it’d be like to walk in their Havaiana flip-flops for a day, don’t we?

For “Your Best American Girl,” Mitski’s song about never quite fitting in as a half-Japanese indie artist, her crush, a dewy white guy, is enamored with a walking Urban Outfitters festival starter pack: round rainbow frames, a suede fringed crop top, flower crown, barrel curls, Flash tattoos — check, check, check. Meanwhile, looking infinitely cooler in a Creature of the Wind blazer and shredding in a glitter dress, Mitski fantasizes about her crush while making out with her hand, as one does. Been there.