Rich NYC Party Kids Just Trying to Inspire Others

Photo: adwarren/Instagram

Today the New York Times’ “Style” section brings us a delightfully nauseating look into the lives of New York City’s “Snap Pack,” a group of wealthy 22-year-olds who are doing a lot with their personal Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Some of them may already be familiar to you if you’re a devoted New York Magazine reader. There’s RFK Jr.’s daughter Kyra Kennedy, of “I am a Kennedy, Google me” fame, Stephanie Seymour’s son Peter Brant Jr., who was arrested last week after getting into a drunken scuffle at JFK airport, and Donald Trump’s least favorite daughter, Tiffany.

The star of the Times piece, however, is fledgling fashion designer Andrew Warren. The girls in the group model his clothes (or rather, the clothes of the “seasoned designer” Warren’s parents hired to help “execute Warren’s vision”), and Warren posts it all to Instagram and Snapchat. This is a service to others, he told the paper:

“I like to take photos, but I’m not a bad person. I’ve had a cancer patient D.M. me on Instagram and say, ‘Your Instagram snaps give me hope.’ She said I inspire her and I make her want to keep going every day so she can have a fun life.”

Amen. Read the whole thing here, or just wait six months to catch these beautiful citizens on their inevitable reality show.