Taylor Swift Brought a Vogue Reporter to Her Best Friend’s Wedding

Photo: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott/Vogue

Celebrities should not be bridesmaids, for a million reasons including one really obvious one: The bride should be the most important person at her own wedding. Alas, Taylor Swift, a celebrity, served as maid of honor at her childhood best friend Britany Maack’s wedding in February. This was Maack’s choice, I’m sure. But did she want Swift to bring a Vogue reporter to the wedding so she could sit for a high-profile interview during the reception?

It doesn’t matter, because that’s exactly what Swift did. Vogue published the interview and striking cover image online today. Surprise!

Photo: taylorswift/Instagram

The interview, conducted by reporter Jason Gay, takes place primarily at Maack’s wedding. There are plenty of scenes like this one, in which the bride is mute and Swift babbles on about herself:

Here on a basement floor of the country club, where the bride is adjusting her gown, Swift and I hear the cocktail party gaining steam. A pair of bridesmaids stroll by. Swift gives them high fives.

“Honestly, I never relax, and I’m excited about being able to relax for the first time in ten years,” she says.

Swift takes a sip of her Old Fashioned. “I feel relaxed right now.”

Later, Swift discusses her feud with Kanye West, presumably while Maack is still there, wordlessly adjusting her dress. Maack is quoted in the story just once, to say that she is glad she told guests not to bring their cell phones to the wedding.

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