Watch SNL Skewer Donald Trump’s Raging Sexism


The ongoing trainwreck that is Donald Trump’s attempts to convince America that he’s not a rampant misogynist has captivated media attention. Last night, SNL tried their hand at laying out Trump’s sexist statements, with Kate McKinnon’s CNN anchor interviewing Cecily Strong as Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes. Hughes, who “as a woman likes Trump, but as a full-blown nutjob loves him,” offers increasingly grasping defenses of Trump’s various weird, mean woman-related gaffes. His attack on Cruz’s wife was a result of his impressively large hands. His recent abortion comments about punishing women was an April Fool’s joke he just launched on March 30. And his disturbing appreciation of his daughter and her rack reduces Strong to quoting Missy Elliott. But there’s at least one Trump fact every woman can agree on: He’s better than Ted Cruz.