YouTube Is Launching a Beauty Vlogger School

Photo: Graham Denholm

Just ask the greats, be it Michelle Phan or Huda Kattan — developing, leading, and maintaining a YouTube channel is a serious business. With the perfect balance of talent and engagement, a career is launched, and now, YouTube and L’Oréal Paris are hoping to be a part of the process. The two are launching an online beauty school in June where ten French vloggers will learn how to juggle the particular skills needed to become a YouTube success story.

According to WWD, the chosen ten will enroll in the academy for six months and learn from L’Oréal Paris and YouTube executives about the art of video production, audience development, and beauty education. The program, which is pegged to a reality show set to air on L’Oréal Paris’s YouTube channel, will culminate in December, when students are expected to receive a “BeautyTUBE” diploma. No word on whether the program will extend Stateside, though some might argue that there are a few vloggers here who might seriously benefit.