You Can Soon Smell Like FKA Twigs

What will FKA Twigs smell like? Photo: Larry Busacca

FKA Twigs will soon be a fragrance creator. But unlike other celebrity fragrances, don’t expect this perfume to be a gigantic billboard-and-sexy-advertising-driven endeavor. WWD reports that she’ll be working with the indie perfume label House of Matriarch (whose site says, “We believe in the power of fragrance to connect us to the past, harness our being to the present, and help us to write the future”) and the brand’s co-founder and perfumer Christi Meshell to create the scent.

It won’t even be sold in stores. As Meshell said, “She doesn’t want to sell it at any retailer. Overnight, she’s going to add it to her Web site.” It seems like her fans will have to buy the fragrance without trying it out first. Watch for the scent, which surely won’t smell like the usual candy-laden celebrity fragrance, to drop later this year.