Malia Obama Is Going to Harvard

Malia Obama, future Harvard freshman.
Malia Obama, future Harvard freshman. Photo: Pool

The Obamas time at the White House is winding down, but at least one member of the family knows what their future holds. The White House announced today in a release that Malia Obama has decided where she’s going to college.

Despite the authentic college experience of her visit to Brown (sleeping in the dorms, maybe playing beer pong), the eldest Obama daughter has opted for a different Ivy. She’ll be attending Harvard, where both her parents attended law school.

Malia will be taking a gap year before matriculating in 2017 as part of the class of 2021. There’s no indication yet of what she’ll spend that gap year doing, though presumably it won’t be the usual bumming around Europe.  Nothing would harsh the backpacking vibe like a Secret Service detail.