Your Caftan-Ready Body Will Live Forever

Photo: Paul Bradbury

If you eschewed a soul-sucking diet in favor of the liberating freedom of a caftan body, consider yourself ahead of the curve. A new study fronted by a Danish team reports that individuals with a BMI of 27 — considered overweight according to current interpretations of the chart — had the lowest mortality rate. To get a better understanding, a five-foot-five person who weighs 162 pounds has a BMI of 27. 

The study looked at over 120,000 people from the general Danish population over the course of three time periods: 1976–1978, 1991–1994, and 2003–2013. It found that people from the 2003–2013 group carried the lowest risk of dying from any cause.

What does this all mean? Scientists can’t say for sure now, but in the interim, just know that you now have another reason to embrace your caftan body.