All Your Political Frustrations in One Art Show

Hillary Clinton is a Person Too by Jonathan Horowitz. Photo: Tom Powel Imaging; Inc. Courtesy The Brant Foundation; Greenwich; CT

Hollywood, terrorism, the impending Christian apocalypse: all themes in “Occupy Greenwich,” a new exhibit by Jonathan Horowitz. The show focuses on the connection between consumerism and political consciousness. In a red-and-blue room, TVs play 19 hours of Fox and CNN coverage from the general Election Day in 2008. Elsewhere, Anthony Weiner in a towel coexists Contribution Cubes, which reveal the political preferences of the vistors, and Pepsi and Coke cans evoke the same sentiment as an electoral college vote.

The exhibit runs through October at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, Connecticut. Click ahead to see a cartoon Hillary Clinton sculpture, 200 celebrity vegetarians, and other images from the show.