The Best Hair on The Girlfriend Experience

Photo: Courtesy of Starz

Everyone talks about the sex and drama on Starz’s show The Girlfriend Experience, released all at once earlier this spring, but an overlooked reason to binge-watch the series is Christine Read’s long hair. You never know how the law student turned call girl, played by Riley Keough, will wear it to meet a new client.

The Cut’s Beauty Editor-at-Large, Linda Wells, already dove into the counterintuitive allure of the character’s relatively conservative look: There’s not one pair of translucent platforms or a single bandage dress in the whole show. Instead, it continually subverts our expectations of what a sex worker looks like. Just like the rest of us, Christine throws her hair up in a messy bun at her internship (except she has the budget to afford Céline).

See all the season’s best hairstyles, from loose curls to intricate updos, in our slideshow ahead.