14 Chic, Fancy Summer Sandals to Wear Now


For day-to-day wear, spending a ton on sandals is not always the smartest financial move, especially when there are so many great affordable options. But what happens if you have to really impress? Say you suddenly get invited to an especially fancy wedding somewhere in Italy or you feel like making that trusty caftan work-appropriate. That’s the moment to splurge and invest in a pair of shoes guaranteed to kick that outfit up a notch.

Maybe you’re seeking a subversively preppy pair of gingham sandals or the most comfortable lipstick-red platforms? Those would be by J.Crew and Prada, respectively. Perhaps you want the perfect vacation sandal? Missoni and Bottega Veneta both offer chic options. Or maybe you just feel like killing time and browsing some pretty shoes. Either way, click ahead to see the 14 most stylish pairs you can wear right now.