This Broad City Tattoo Is Smoking

Puff, puff, pass.
Puff, puff, pass.Photo: Bravo

In the realm of regrettable tattoos, fan art isn’t quite as dire as, say, your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name, but things can sometimes get a little dicey. No matter what you tell your mom, chances are high that you will live to regret that Metallica tattoo you got as soon as you turned 18.

Then there are works of body art that pay eternal homage to what matters most in life. For Lindsay Conwell, that means Broad City, and specifically Ilana, who is inked on Conwell’s shin courtesy of Death or Glory Tattoo Parlour. Ilana is seen posing with a joint, wearing one of her fantastical get-ups involving that criss-cross bra, short shorts, and knee socks, and she’s looking surprisingly demure. Or stoned. She could be stoned.

Broad City shared Conwell’s photo of her tattoo on their Instagram account, where it’s in good company alongside tattoos of Abbi’s stuffed animal slash hallucination buddy Bingo Bronson, Ilana’s favorite catchphrase, and other permanent skin pictures. Much like Ilana and Abbi themselves, they’re all pretty frigging adorable.