Don’t Wash Your Face Because Zits Are Cool Now

Your pimples are a beauty look on the runway.
Your pimples are a beauty look on the runway. Photo: Victor Boyko

Pop goes the theory that pimples aren’t stylish. At Milan Men’s Fashion Week, Malaysian designer Moto Guo exhibited a beauty look that would make Dr. Pimple Popper rub her hands together with glee. Models were sent out with purposely blotchy, mottled skin that made them look like youthful, teenage spokespeople in a Proactiv commercial. No word on whether the acne was natural or exaggerated via makeup (because I know you’re all waiting breathlessly for how to “get the look”), but WWD described the show’s look as “nerdy grooming.” So eat that aged goat-cheese gouda and fall asleep with your makeup on: Like your staticky hair or your dark eye circles, your pimples are so “in” right now. Clear-skin tyranny ends today!

Hmmm.Photo: Victor Boyko