New York Magazine’s Sex Lives: Is Billary the Greatest Love Story of Our Time?

Photo: Mark Leibowitz

This week’s Sex Lives podcast, recorded in Philadelphia from the Democratic National Convention, discusses Bill Clinton’s startlingly romantic convention speech. New York Magazine political columnist Rembert Browne and sex columnist Maureen O’Connor ask: What if the Clinton marriage — generally thought of as a professional success but romantic failure — is actually the greatest love story of our time? It has all the elements of epic romance: Two people, from different worlds, meet in an adorable way and fall so passionately in love that they move mountains to be together and achieve together, all while fending off enemies who want to keep them apart and damage their bond. Too bad the forces were sort of all one person’s fault, though.

Also up for discussion: sexual tension in the Trump campaign; respect for Anthony Weiner’s transformation into silent house-husband; and a strange and controversial new right-wing meme: “cuckservative,” as in, a cuckolded conservative.