Kerry Washington Politely Asks for Her Face Back

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer

Kerry Washington, a person with two working eyes and a voice, is tired of dumb magazines messing with her face. She’s spoken on the publishing industry’s overzealous urge to Photoshop her face beyond recognition before, and in a new interview with Glamour, she reiterated how annoying it is to not be able to identify herself on the cover of a magazine. She tells the magazine: “Photoshopping to that extent is just not necessary. I’m somebody who millions of people tune in to and see every week, so they know what I look like!”

Millions do know what Kerry Washington looks like, so here’s a fun idea for magazines: Just stop Photoshopping her face into a strange figment of a human. Seems like she’ll do fine without the needless slight of hand.