Kim Kardashian Snapchats Video of Kanye West Calling Taylor Swift About ‘Famous’ [UPDATE]

Photo: Jeff Spicer

If Kim has a planner, she must have written down for Sunday, “Put Taylor Swift On Blast,” and underlined it in red. Twice.

And on Sunday night, Kim proved she has the receipts.

In a series of video clips shared on Snapchat, Kim showed bits of the conversation between Kanye and a voice on speakerphone that appears to be Taylor’s.

The Snapchat story begins with Kanye calling Taylor, asking, “You still got the Nashville number?” In another snap, he reads a lyric and slows down, enunciating that part, “me and Taylor might still have sex.” In another snap, Taylor sounds like she says, “It’s like a compliment.”

By the looks of it, Kanye really didn’t want to upset Taylor with the lyrics to the song.

The following snaps, which are splices of a QuickTime video, show Taylor going on about how she thinks people will react. She talks about how she’ll be in on the joke as well when she’s eventually asked about it on the red carpet.

It’s unclear what portions of the conversation, if any, have been left out.

Judging from the snaps, though, it does seem that Taylor gave Kanye permission for two lines in the lyrics and said either was fine by her. In referring to the “famous ” line, she says she thinks it’s more provocative.

Kim’s exposé on Taylor began earlier on Sunday night when she first tweeted out some major shade with the help of almost 40 snake emoji.

The lesson here?

Don’t mess with Kim’s man.

UPDATE: Taylor Swift responded on Instagram to Kim’s releasing of the recorded conversation.

Kim Snapchats Kanye Calling Taylor [UPDATE]