Kylie Jenner Eye Shadow Arrives Today

Kylie Jenner.Photo: Vivien Killilea

Kylie Jenner has moved on from lips to eyes, with her first eye-shadow palette that’s set to launch today. “KyShadow Bronze” is a nine-color palette of neutral hues that Kylie’s been wearing “for the past five or six months,” she said in a video on her app. Far from the blue lip shades of yester-month, there’s a matte beige, a sparkly copper, and a reddish-brown, in the array of colors. The burnt orange (called Citrine), Kylie declared, is her favorite. KyShadow will be joined by two more palettes before the end of the year, she also explained, and a fourth is pegged to a 2017 launch.

But for her Bronze palette, expect to chalk up $42 to get your hands on one. That is if you’re able to access History reveals that a shopping sweep at the Kylie Cosmetics store is no small feat.